About Botanex

Botanex offers industrial scale, whole-plant, biomass refinery systems with our multiple patented fully-automated  processing systems. They are designed to optimize: high-capacity, fully automated, efficiency, customized reliability, and increased overall yield from various co-product streams. The Botanex biorefinery systems increase sustainability, with further value-added refining isolation and re-compounding options, for multiple applications. Botanex operations can generate reliable market availability of consistent derivative supplies from various input feed stocks.

full spectrum cannabis oil
full spectrum cannabis oil

Botanex plant-essentials processing systems, and agricultural technology developments can be applied to a wide variety of markets, including: hops, lavender, industrial hemp, citrus and other agricultural industries.



Botanex currently partners with farmers and wholesalers, to rapidly generate valuable plant oils and concentrates, with unmatched capacities and reliably, higher yields. We collaborate to provide additional plant and refinement processing capabilities to meet market and partner needs. Our refined products offer further plant-based: vegan protein, terpenes, oil, and fibers for a variety of markets and industries.


Botanex produces full spectrum, whole plant essences, with refinement capabilities to isolate the composition down to the individual compound. This can be re-compounded for use in industrial applications, manufacturing, high grade cosmaceutical, pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical products.


Botanex products can be supplied wholesale, or compounded in partnership with Botanex to create numerous different products. This includes, but is not limited to: topical skin creams, salves, lotions, balms, ointments, tinctures, supplements, nutritional supplements, vitamins, compounds for food & beverages, flavorings, aromas and perfumes.


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